Ariane Porcelain Cup Ccd Non-Stackable-400 ML-Prime- Pack of 4

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Pack of 4, Porcelain Cup Ccd Non Stackable of size 400 ML from the Prime Series of Ariane - for Commercial F&B Establishments.

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Arianes PRIME collection not only retains the classic and timeless designs but the superior finish lends it unparalleled finesse.

The Prime collection offers complete tabletop solution with its innumerable range of products in various sizes. Its made to last, it can take any heavy usage it is subjected to. Its an ideal choice for all types of establishments in hospitality, catering and food & beverage business.

This collection fulfills the demands of modern food and beverage business, combining- style, functionality, and resilience.

Dishwasher Safe

Firing our porcelain at high temperatures allows any decoration applied to fuse permanently with the glaze, making it highly resistant to repeated dish washing cycles at any temperature.

Microwave & Salamander Safe

The heat resistant layer of glaze makes Ariane porcelain products both microwave and salamander safe. (We recommend that products decorated with precious metals like Gold, Platinum etc. are not subjected to extensive heat).


We at Ariane Fine Porcelain use special high alumina material that offers our range of porcelain extra strength, durability and resistance against chipping, especially to critical points like edges of cups, plates, bowls, platters etc..Our porcelains have a better durability because of this composition.

Smooth Finish

Treating our porcelains at high temperatures ensures special glaze and it gives all our porcelain a smooth, clean finish and ensures that it is completely non-porous guaranteeing higher levels of hygiene.

Perfect Functionality

Most of our items are stackable including cups, mugs, bowls and platters. Which helps i n the most efficient use of space.

Abrasion Resistant

Our porcelain products are strongly resistant to scratches and abrasions because of the special glazing it has due to firing under high temperature.

Limited Danger in Case of Breakage

Our products are designed to be durable and resistant to breakage, but when it breaks it shatters cleanly into safely manageable pieces to avoid breakage hazards.

Thermal Shock Proof

Ariane Fine Porcelain are resistant to variations in temperature and it can retain heat for longer time to keep the food warm.

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Price ₹600.00
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