BMB Vacuum Packing Machines I Vacuum Packing Machines for F&B Industry

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BMB Vacuum Packing Machines  
The most versatile vacuum packing machines for the F&B industry. 

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BMB Vacuum Packing Machines  

Depending on model, they are equipped with one or more sealing bars (various sizes), ensuring perfect sealing. The vacuum chamber is projected to guarantee practicality and hygiene, with no edges to simplify maintenance and cleaning operations. Each model can be equipped with a sensor control system that allows the setting of the percentage values of vacuum and gas. All models are equipped with the ultra-vacuum function. On request it is possible to have the model with automatic double chamber.

Ideal for: Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy, Agro-Produce, Pizza & Sandwiches, Pharmaceuitcals, etc.

BMB Vacuum Packing Machines have 3 Product Lines with varied models in each:

SC Full Inox Line:

  • SC 1200
  • SC 1200C
  • SC 1000

SC Line:

  • SC 960HC
  • SC 620HC
  • SC 460HC
  • SC 460

Double-Chamber Vacuum Machines:
Double chamber vacuum packaging machines with high technological standards suitable to vacuum pack and/or MAP pack food products. All BMB vacuum packaging machines are designed and constructed in a simple way and they are characterized by high quality and technologically advanced solutions.

  • DC 600.60
  • DC 800.60
  • Automatic DC 800.80
  • DC 1000.80
  • Automatic DC 1000.80

For Model-Specific Technical Specs, Download Product Brochure

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