Careers at HCX Global

Beware!! We are not a Startup.

Hence we don’t have fancy phrases to describe our job openings or to attract talent.

We are a business with an established business and revenue model, for a 24/7 industry which is as established and global in outlook as internet itself.

If you’re looking for a job opening, we’ve none. But if you’re looking to make a career in a seriously exciting e-commerce company, you’re welcome to speak to us.

Currently we’re recruiting our first batch of the wolf pack. In all functions and positions. Especially a CEO, COO, CTO ;-))

If you feel this sounds like your kind of a wolf pack, drop in your resume here and don’t forget to mention your email / mobile number. You never know, you might be the wolf this pack is looking out for!!


Contact Us:

HCX Global

7, Citi Tower,

Sector-15, Pubstreet,

CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai - 400614