Charnock Floor Care Machines- Up-Right Vacuum Cleaners BT 350

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One of the best range of high efficiency vaccum cleaners for professional cleaning from house of Charnock. A must have product for all Housekeeping departments
in Food Service Business.

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BT350 is heavy-duty and reliable upright vacuum cleaner, with a cylindrical rotating brush, designed to vacuum carpet deeply. Two sizes are available, for cleaning
large or smaller areas.

The action of the rotating brush allows to remove dust, sand and solid dirt residuals from the carpet fibres.

It is very important to use an upright vacuum cleaner with rotating brush on a daily basis, to maintain carpet in better conditions and extend the life time
of the carpet as well. It is also an essential operation before carpet cleaning.

Advantages of BT350
The low profile and the ability to continue to operate when the handle is completely flat to the floor allows the BT350 to clean under furniture.
Superior edge cleaning allows for deep carpet cleaning along the baseboard.
The on-board wand and stretch hose (4:1) provide for quick and easy cleaning of hard to reach areas.
The power heads have a multilevel manual adjustment (4 positions) to give superior results on all levels of flooring.
The brush motor is electronically protected against overload and the LED light system assures the that the setting is correct.
Easy-to-replace brush strips. There is no need of replacing the entire roller system when the brush strips are worn out.
The optional HEPA H13 filter provides the cleanest air quality available.

Brush Motor- 200W 5000rot/min
Full Bag Indicator- Electronic
Exhaust air filtering system- Standard Washable filter Optional HEPA filter
Transmission Belt- POLY-V Belt
Electronic Clutch control board+worn-out brush- Standard
Units/pallet- 24 pcs/pallet (cm 80X 120 X 190h)
Noise Level- 66 db (A)
Vaccum Motor Power- 1000 W
Waterlift- 2500 mm H20
Airflow- 26 l/sec
Dust Bag Capacity- 6.5 L
Voltage- 230V –50/60 Hz
Brush Height Adjustment- 4 Positions
Cable Length- 10 M
Cleaning Width- 350 mm
Weight - 8.8 Kg
Size- 36 X 25 X 118 cm

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