Nuovair Blast Chillers & Liquid Cooler - Perfect Chilling Solutions for F&B Industry

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Nuovair’s state-of-the-art technology improves the performance of blast chilling systems by up to 20%. So you save time and lower your costs.

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Nuovair’s state-of-the-art technology improves the performance of blast chilling systems by up to 20%. In terms of your daily workload, this means you can count on an extra blast chilling cycle every day! So you save time and lower your costs. All of this complete with unrivalled food quality.

Nuovair Blast Chillers are designed for:  

  • Restaurants
  • Baking
  • Ice-Cream / Frozen Desserts
  • Industrial Food Processing

Conceived with the demands of small, medium and large-scale creations in mind, Nuovair's three ranges of blast chillers allow you to manage every cycle with ease, ensuring exceptional production efficiency. Depending on the model, with one press of a button you can set different types of product to chill, freeze, defrost or prove under controlled conditions. Meanwhile, the Liquid Cooler allows you to cool liquids and semi-fluid products in very little time

Nuovair Range:

Nuovair Compact Range -
Ideal for more limited spaces and smaller-scale production, the Compact range offers trays specifically designed for use in the restaurant trade. Easy to use, it stands out by virtue of its exceptional performance, guaranteeing perfect silence and low energy consumption. Designed to fit comfortably below workbenches, it allows the user to blast-chill any kind of food from any temperature.

  • NA 1.18

Nuovair Power Range -
Speed & Quality for your food. High-speed blast chilling for all fields, with customizable cycles. Dedicated to artisans as well as small and medium-sized enterprises, our Power range is suitable for either GN1.1 or 600x400 trays, while also offering a roll-in option. Powerful, practical and intuitive, this range is the ideal partner for those who want to optimize their output and improve the quality of blast-chilled foods.

  • NA 1.20
  • NA 1.30
  • NA 1.60
  • NA 2.80
  • NA 2.80T1

Nuovair Industry Range -
Industry is Nuovair's range for the catering and industrial food trades. Unrivaled for speed and efficiency, it is compatible with every tray or trolley size. Made for continuous production, this machine is purposefully designed to connect with multiple others; it is also the only one in the world equipped with PLC and an electronic valve. Providing maximum control over the quality of blast chilling and energy consumption thanks to 68 personalized programs, including proving and defrosting. Evaporators guaranteed for 5 years. Also available in "Eco" version with CO2 freezing.

  • NA 2.140T1
  • NA 2.200T1
  • NA 2.260T1
  • NA 2.260T1 XL
  • NA 2.260T2
  • NA 2.520T2
  • NA 2.520T2 XL
  • NA 2.450T3
  • NA 2.780T3
  • NA 2.780T3 XL

Nuovair Liquid Cooler -
As the only cooler of its kind, it allows the user to cool large quantities of liquids, as well as sauces, stocks and creams. The Cooler can be connected directly to the cooking process, and therefore removes the need to move trolleys around, guaranteeing a safe working environment. Food inserted at boiling temperature (90°C) comes out of the cooler at a temperature of 5-6°C after only 30 seconds.

For Model-Specific Technical Specs, Download Product Brochure

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