Business Resources

  1. Finalising A Location

    The right location is half the battle won. Do note that virtually each element of your cafe will be influenced by its location and surroundings, including the amount of footfalls you may expect, menu, pricing, your theme or other USPs. Look for a location that has: High footfall Good catchment: residential / commercial Ease of access Affordable monthly rent Parking Authorised by municipal authorities for such a…
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  2. Cafe Theme & Concept

    This is where it all begins. This will not only help you differentiate and define your USP, but will have a bearing on almost all the steps ahead. Do your market research, see what’s trending, what’s missing, what could work and what doesn’t. In short, make an informed decision. With competition tougher than ever, standing out in a crowded marketplace is must for success. Modern Cafes need to be more than just a coffee or burger outlet. It needs to have that…
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  3. Cafe Business Planning

    This section will take you through the essential steps on creating a successful business plan for a cafe which will ring in the profits.   There are 3 parts to the whole process:   Pre-Opening Opening Post-Opening   PRE-OPENING: A  checklist of action points that…
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  4. Cafe & QSR Start-Up Guide

    How to Start Your Own Cafe or QSR? F&B Business remains at the top of the charts as the most popular small business start-up idea. Opening a happening neighborhood Cafe - or Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) - is the most common aspiration of the prospective small business owner, but "happening" doesn't pay the salaries. F&B is serious business, requires a significant initial investment, and demands long hours of sweating it out from their owner-operators. But…
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  5. Menu Engineering

    After you’ve taken a call on your Concept, Location, TA, etc. it’s time to engineer the most crucial element of your business - Your Product Offering. For it is the success of your menu - your end product - that will make your cafe successful. And profitable. Before you proceed further, you’ll have to decide your menu. This seems so obvious. But this would require much more work than you may have anticipated. The first starting point will be to zoom down…
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